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NASA and SpaceX launch 4 more crew to the space station


ride," said Crew-5 commander and NASA astronaut Nicole Mann. "You've got three rookies that are pretty happy to be floating in space right presell crypto now and one veteran astronaut who's pretty happy to be back as well."

Once again, SpaceX was able to recover its first-stage booster coin launch on recovery ship Just Read the Instructions in the Atlantic while the spacecraft made it to orbit.

Mann is joined by fellow NASA astronaut and pilot Josh Cassada ico crypto and Roscosmos cosmonaut Anna Kikina—all three flying for the first time—plus Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut Koichi Wakata, who is making his fifth trip to space having flown on several space shuttle missions and one Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

With roughly a 29-hour ride before arriving to the ISS, the crew could be seen clapping hands and throwing fist pumps as a plush Albert Einstein doll floated about the cabin.

"We're experiencing Einstein's happiest thoughts," said airdrop Cassada explaining Einstein had a brainstorm that a person in freefall would not feel their own weight. "We call this little guy our freefall indicator. We're here to tell you there's plenty of gravity up here. In fact, that's what's keeping us in orbit right now and preventing this trip on a Crew Dragon from being a one-way trip."

The launch is the second of three from the Space Coast this week following a Tuesday night Atlas V liftoff and a planned SpaceX Falcon 9 launch Thursday from neighboring Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. Weather has been near perfect all week.

"It was picturesque, you know with the blue sky, the blue background, a beautiful day here in Florida," said NASA commentator and astronaut Bob Behnken, who flew on the first crewed Dragon flight Demo-2 back in May 2020. "The only thing I wish was that I was there with them because the one place that it's better to watch the launch from than right here at the Kennedy ico Space Center is onboard the rocket ship."


The quartet woke up at 4:30 a.m., suited up around 8 a.m. and walked out for last chance goodbyes with family before heading out to the launch pad in a trio of white Teslas, each featuring custom license plates that read "BLA5TOFF." Mann and Cassada led the way after arriving to the pad doing what commentators called the "rocket recline" looking up at the rocket before heading up the launch tower to board the spacecraft.

They made their entrance and took the two middle seats as commander new cryptocurrency and pilot just after 9:15 a.m. followed by mission specialists Kikina and Wakata. With 2 1/2 hours before liftoff, Mann and Kikina broke into ear-to-ear smiles with all four trading off a series of fist bumps while secured in their seats.

During an initial hatch closing procedure before 10:30 a.m., teams identified potential foreign object debris—a hair—in the seal, and cleaned it out followed by a second closure and good side-hatch leak check.

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launch pad is the area ico cryptocurrency and facilities where rockets or spacecrafts liftoff. A Spaceport (or rocket launch site) can contain one or many launch pads. A typical launch pad free airdrop consists of the service and umbilical structures. The service structure provides an access platform to inspect the launch vehicle prior to launch. Most service structures can be moved or rotated to a safe distance. The umbilical structure has propellent loading, gas, power, and communication links to the launch vehicle. The launch vehicle sits atop of the launch platform, which has the flame deflection structure to withstand the intense heat and load generated by rocket engines during liftoff.

Most cryogenic launch vehicles need to be continuously topped off crypto launchpad as scheduled liftoff approaches. This is particularly necessary as various holds are placed on the liftoff and then removed as support personnel correct problems or verify they are not serious. Without the ability to top off the launch vehicle, the launch would have to be scrubbed when problems slowed down the countdown. Gantries are commonly designed and constructed on launch pads to meet these types of servicing requirements both during launch and in the preparation period leading up to it.

Most rockets need stable support for a few seconds token presale after ignition while the engines ramp up and stabilize at full thrust. This stability requirement is commonly met by the use of explosive bolts to connect the launch vehicle to the pad. When the vehicle is stable and ready to fly the bolts explode, severing the vehicle's ties to the launch pad and structures on the ground.

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There are several ways to make money in the cryptocurrency market, but crypto airdrop enthusiasts mostly focus on the traditional “ buy a token and wait for a price pump.” One of the best and most efficient ways to make money in cryptocurrencies is to buy presale tokens. Firstly, it’s a slow landscape, and people who catch on early to presale tokens are often privileged to information. Presale purchases offer buyers low-risk opportunities as profit is almost always guaranteed as the token goes live.

onswap is presently on presale and has become one of the most anticipated launches, especially after it raised $1 million in the first week of its presale. People have started to liken this pattern to the success of Filecoin(FIL), which is another cryptocurrency with the most successful presale.

Big Eyes Coin is purported to have created a build-up as massive as Filecoin, and crypto enthusiasts are looking forward to the cryptocurrency for some profit potential. The cryptocurrency market has been backward recently, and Big Eyes shines some glimmer of hope for some trading volume the market hasn’t seen in a while.

is a decentralized platform that allows anybody to rent out space on their computer. It is essentially a decentralized peer-to-peer digital storage marketplace based on blockchain technology. It uses the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and allows users to rent out idle, hard drive space in return for FIL tokens. Anyone on the network can buy storage. Instead of committing critical data to a single company, it may be divided and kept on several computers worldwide. Filecoin rewards users that rent out their storage space with FIL tokens.

Individuals with spare storage space may become storage miners, which are in charge of storing data on the Filecoin network. Users utilize FIL tokens to store and gather data. The retrieval miner is another sort of user. They facilitate data retrieval between clients and storage miners in exchange for a small amount of FIL.

The FIL token was amazing on presale– early ico list investors bought it at a price between $1 – $5. The token peaked at $236 in April 2021, which made early investors a lot of money. At the time of writing this, Filecoin(FIL) is probably a bad investment for anyone that didn’t buy on presale since the price has fallen back around the $5 region. The interesting thing to note about this is that presale buyers are mostly still profitable.

The Cutest Cat In Town – Big Eyes(BIG)

Big Eyes(BIG) is a new memecoin on the ethereum blockchain crypto presale that looks like one of the most hyped launches to come to the network. The new memecoin aims to use the power of DeFi to full effect and help create wealth for its community with the various features it can offer on the decentralized market.

Memecoins are generally known for having a huge community that cares about having fun and sharing internet memes. BIG has managed to create a community from social media that enables narrative building. The community can foster the required energy to push Big Eyes(BIG) to unimaginable scales, considering how involved the holders will be in the DAO-governed project.

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google ist

این متن دومین مطلب آزمایشی من است که به زودی آن را حذف خواهم کرد.

زکات علم، نشر آن است. هر وبلاگ می تواند پایگاهی برای نشر علم و دانش باشد. بهره برداری علمی از وبلاگ ها نقش بسزایی در تولید محتوای مفید فارسی در اینترنت خواهد داشت. انتشار جزوات و متون درسی، یافته های تحقیقی و مقالات علمی از جمله کاربردهای علمی قابل تصور برای ,بلاگ ها است.


همچنین وبلاگ نویسی یکی از موثرترین شیوه های نوین اطلاع رسانی است و در جهان کم نیستند وبلاگ هایی که با رسانه های رسمی خبری رقابت می کنند. در بعد کسب و کار نیز، روز به روز بر تعداد شرکت هایی که اطلاع رسانی محصولات، خدمات و رویدادهای خود را از طریق بلاگ انجام می دهند افزوده می شود.

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این متن اولین مطلب آزمایشی من است که به زودی آن را حذف خواهم کرد.

مرد خردمند هنر پیشه را، عمر دو بایست در این روزگار، تا به یکی تجربه اندوختن، با دگری تجربه بردن به کار!

اگر همه ما تجربیات مفید خود را در اختیار دیگران قرار دهیم همه خواهند توانست با انتخاب ها و تصمیم های درست تر، استفاده بهتری از وقت و عمر خود داشته باشند.

همچنین گاهی هدف از نوشتن ترویج نظرات و دیدگاه های شخصی نویسنده یا ابراز احساسات و عواطف اوست. برخی هم انتشار نظرات خود را فرصتی برای نقد و ارزیابی آن می دانند. البته بدیهی است کسانی که دیدگاه های خود را در قالب هنر بیان می کنند، تاثیر بیشتری بر محیط پیرامون خود می گذارند.

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