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onswap presale token platform

presale crypto

onswap presale token platform

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Eco-friendly and ESG investing continues to be in the news amid rising fuel and energy prices and inflation.

IMPT is one new crypto project that has investors excited for a greener future, with the protocol set to use blockchain technology to help fight the climate crisis.

It will do that by transforming carbon credits into NFTs, making them fully tradeable on an open market and cutting fraudulent activity.

The presale project is attracting huge interest from investors and has coin launch raised nearly $13 million in less than a month and is among our best crypto presales of the year.

IMPT to Help Carbon-Offsetting Efforts
Carbon credits are a permit that allows its holder - usually businesses and corporations - to emit greenhouse gas through manufacturing and logistics by offsetting their carbon footprints.

One credit is equal to one ton of CO2 and the credits fund verified conservation projects.

While the mandatory carbon market is worth almost $300 billion annually, the voluntary market is tiny in comparison.

However, it is set for rapid growth in the next decade and could be worth as much as $100 billion per year according to a Bloomberg estimate.

IMPT will transform carbon credits into NFTs and is developing a marketplace where investors can buy, sell, or hold them as long-term assets and to offset their own carbon footprint.

Holders can also 'retire' their carbon credits and permanently remove them from the supply.

By turning them into NFTs and housing them on chain, IMPT will also reduce fraud - such as bogus permits and double counting - by having them exist on an immutable and transparent ledger.

Visit IMPT Presale Now

Earn Carbon Credits Through Shopping
Another facet of IMPT is that the project has partnered launchpad with more than 10,000 retailers to offer IMPT tokens back to shoppers.

Brands such as Samsung, Amazon, and Microsoft have already signed up to offer a percentage of sale back to shoppers.

The IMPT tokens earned can then be turned into carbon credit NFTs, while shoppers can make greener choices by purchasing from retailers that offer a better margin of sale.

IMPT Racing Through Presale Stages
The IMPT token presale is ongoing and launched in mid-October to huge interest.

The project sold out its stage 1 allocation of tokens after raising $11 million in just three weeks - four weeks ahead of schedule.

Now in stage 2, tokens are selling for $0.023, up from $0.018 in stage 1, and will increase again in price in stage 3, where they will sell for $0.028.

That is a 22% increase from the current price and means investors who wait for stage 3 will return only 3,571 IMPT tokens with $100 of investment, compared to 4,347 in stage 2.

The presale will see 1.8 billion (60%) of the max 3 billion supply of tokens on sale, with no vesting period for presale tokens after the allocation is bought up.

A further 10% was sold to early adopters in a private sale, with the remaining 30% divided up between the ongoing earn crypto development of the ecosystem (15%), marketing (10%), and the team (5%).

IMPT is being developed by a doxxed and public-facing team that have been KYC-verified by CoinSniper, while the token's smart contract has been audited by Hacken.

Interested investors should also read our guide on how to buy crypto IMPT tokens, while IMPT are also running a competition where three winners will share $100,000 of IMPT tokens.

More information on IMPT can be found in the whitepaper or on the Telegram group.


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