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TAMA, a new blockchain gaming crypto , and meme token, has just completed what could be its biggest centralized exchange listing yet. This article reviews all there is to know about the event.

TAMA Listing on
According to a recent tweet, the native token for the Tamadoge blockchain gaming ecosystem, TAMA, is now live on

TAMA is now tradable against USDT on All the exchange’s users can access it for retail trading and send and receive TAMA tokens between external wallets.


TAMA Set For A Possible Surge is the fourth presale centralized exchange in a month to list TAMA, following MEXC, LBank, and OKX. This shows that the meme coin is gradually gaining traction in the industry.

TAMA is also set for gains as is one of the biggest exchanges in the world. Following major coin presale exchange listings, new coins’ prices tend to rise as they gain increased investor exposure and liquidity inflows.

As one of the biggest exchanges in the market at the moment, should also help TAMA benefit from this price pump.


At press time, the digital asset trades at $0.02601, an uptrend of 1.55% in the past 24 hours. Considering that this performance is being recorded in a bear market, this is beyond impressive for a new coin.

More Gains On The Way As Tamadoge Nears coin Launch
TAMA is the native token for Tamadoge – a blockchain game where players purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing digital pets. Players can battle their NFT pets with others, earning TAMA tokens in return as rewards.

Tamadoge was earmarked to launch this year. While the chances of that happening appear slim, community members have been kept up to date on the platform’s full build. Last week, the developers provided an update, confirming that they had tested several battlegrounds and arenas in the gaming ecosystem.

Once Tamadoge launches, investors can earn crypto rest assured that TAMA’s price will surge even higher.


Metaverse Fans Will Love TARO
With Tamadoge expected to token launch soon, the metaverse is expected to get even more crowded. This presents a good investment opportunity for investors.

Another crypto asset with a strong link to the metaverse is TARO, a new coin whose presale is expected to generate massive buzz.

TARO powers RobotEra – a metaverse iteration where players can create digital avatars and explore a new virtual world. In RobotEra, players can buy land, develop it, and engage in different experiences. As expected, all items within the game are NFTs.

The universe also has shared metaverse plots, where players can share communal experiences.

TARO is available on presale , selling a single unit for 0.020 USDT.

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